Clay Whistles

clay whistles by you.

I took a clay whistle making workshop over the weekend and made a couple of whistles.   There are only 2 parts to the whistle, a hollow ball with a hole and a hollow tube.  You have to attach the two just right in order to get a peep out of it.  After the tube and ball are attached, you can decorate it anyway you like.  I still need to clean up these two (the one on the left is going to be a turtle) but you can see that the body of the turtle is the hollow ball and it’s attached to the hollow tube you blow through.

But of course!

Guitar picks by you.

So what happens when a crafter learns the guitar?  The crafter makes her own guitar picks out of a grocery store card of course!  These were pretty fun and easy to make but I’m trying not to go all nuts and make dozens.  Better to use some of that energy to practice the blues scale … cuz I gots me some crafty blues.

Feel that sugary burn!

Candied ginger by you.

Here’s my latest addiction — candied ginger!  I bought some from the store but found out that it’s really easy to make them at home.   You basically just cook sliced ginger in water and sugar on low heat for an hour and a half and dry the slices on a flat surface and toss them with sugar.  Besides the ginger slices, I also got this gingery sugar syrup.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with the syrup yet but I chopped up some of that candied ginger and put it in the chocolate chip pumpkin bread I made.  Sweet and Spicy, a very nice combination I must say.

Hedgerow Socks

Hedgerow Socks by you.

Woohoo, I finally finished these socks last night using this pattern!!

Happy New Year!

Ginger Cookies by you.

It is FRIGID in Boston so it’s a perfect time to stay home and eat bake cookies.  Here are the last remaining whole wheat ginger snaps I made using this recipe (I halved the recipe, cut down the sugar, and added finely chopped crystallized ginger).  They are oh so good and who am I kidding, making the cookies smaller doesn’t mean I eat any less…but at least they’re whole wheat!

The difference between dogs and cats

Molly and Elliot sitting 2 by you.

Molly and Elliot sitting 3 by you.

Molly and Elliot sitting 1 by you.

Cats know how to hold a pose.


Show and Sale Before and After

I know I know, I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.  I’ll use the pottery show and sale as my excuse for not posting lately.  We had a very successful show and now that it’s over, maybe I can focus on some craft projects I’ve been putting off.

And yes, I have some soap dishes set aside to sell online. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to see what goes on during the show and sale preparation.  Most of the potters get a shelf like this to display their wares.  This is what mine looked like before.

Before shelf by you.

And here’s what it looks like after 3  hours.  I didn’t have a lot of pieces so my shelf was pretty simple.  Check out the festive greens on top of my shelf.  I got them from a neighbor’s trash!!

Winter 2008 S&S Shelf by you.

Fried turkey from a Chinese restaurant?

Thanksgiving dinner by you.

Did you know you can get a fried turkey from some Chinese restaurants?  Yup, that’s what we had for Thanksgiving.  The dark thing right above the turkey slight to the left is actually a lily pad wrapped duck filled with a sticky rice stuffing.  Now that was yummy!

And what’s Thanksgiving without a little Thanksgiving traffic?  This is a shot of the Tappan Zee Bridge. 

Thanksgiving traffic by you.

Porcelain birds

porcelain birds by you.

These are some birds that I started making with porcelain over the weekend.  They’re still work in progress but I wanted to document them and see how they would look in a grouping.

I think they also kind of look like sweet potatoes … maybe I’ll give them more wing definition.

Dishes in the sink

dishes by you.

Beet juice dish water … what a pretty color!