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I heart succulents


When I first started living on my own, I was plantless…that was also a very dark period of my life.  But then a friend gave me a baby spider plant and I was hooked.  I started collecting plants and cuttings and soon my apartment looked like a jungle…well maybe more like a science lab because I had dozens of little water-filled glass jars with various cuttings rooting in them displayed on shelves.  It felt good to have living things in my life.

I still have a lot of plants now but lately I have a renewed interest in succulents.  I like their sculptural quality and you just can’t help but want to pinch those little fat leaves.  I’m trying hard not to go hog wild and buy more succulents but I may cave soon.  They’re just so irresistible.


Out of Many…One


Little succulent-inspired thingies made of porcelain.   These are for my class project (Out of Many … One) which will be on exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum starting in March (eeek!).  I need to make a lot more and find glass containers to house them (like terrariums).

I’ve been doing more handbuilding the past couple of years and I like it.  It’s less messy than throwing on the wheel. 

Wooly goodness


I was at the Salvation Army this weekend and there was a sweater sale, 2 sweaters for $1!!  I got six 100% wool sweaters for only 3 bucks!  The plan is to make felt out of them but out of the six, five were already shrunken by the previous owners. 

These will probably become pillows.

Sensory overload


I’m a little overwhelmed by all the cool designs I’ve been seeing on Design*Sponge.  It’s making me antsy.  I see cool designs on cards and it makes me want to get out my gocco and make cards.  I see cool ceramic pieces and I want to run to the studio and make pots.  I see cool fabric … well, they just make me drool.
So yesterday I decided to start drawing/doodling in a notebook so I have something to look at when I need to put designs on things.  Here’s a scan of what I doodled yesterday.  I like simple lines. 

and here are some things I’m interested now:

white pottery
felted wool
cool graphics
vintage fabric
birds on trees


so many things I want to make … only 2 hands … sigh.




I was supposed to go to the studio last night after work but I fell asleep.  So instead of working on my class project, I worked on some micro terrariums.  I’ve made terrariums with ferns in the past but I’ve been inspired by these cactus terrariums (and these) that I just had to make some of my own.  I repotted some of my succulents from my dish gardens and put them in the smallest glass containers I have…the one on the left is actually a glass Christmas ornament!  It’s less than 2 inches across.  I also stuck some pebbles I’ve collected in them for fun.

Looking and playing with these terrariums gave me a new idea for my class project (I’ve already changed my mind several times and haven’t even started on anything yet!)…so Shawn, if you’re reading this (which you will, because I’m going to email you the link shortly), I’m not doing the Urban Fossils anymore, I’ll be doing Mikrokosmos instead.  The idea is to make little plant-like clay things and put them in glass containers…each will be a little self-contained world of its own.  This will still be a wall piece (the containers will sit on shelves…which I’ll probably have to make) and I think I might try glazing everything white…that’s something I’ve been slowly moving towards in the past year. 

I’ll try not to sleep thru next week’s class!

I rock!


I have long abandoned the Chinese virtue of modesty.  I have no problem tootin’ my own horn when I feel like it.  Last night, I fixed the washer and I’m damn proud of myself.  The washer wasn’t draining for some reason and I had a feeling that something was clogging the hose.  So I bailed water out of the washer, opened it up, unclamped the hoses and eventually dug out a big clump of bathmat lint from the water pump.  Hearing the water drain out of the machine after I put everything back totally made my day.  I felt the same way when I replaced the battery in my car.  I know these are not major accomplishments but coming from a family where no one is handy and having been told repeatedly that I’d electrocute myself if I went near any broken appliances, I think I should be pretty proud of my fix-it skills.  Cars and major appliances still intimidate me but the more I tinker with them, the less intimidated I am.  Plus I’m saving money by fixing things myself…you can’t beat that.  🙂



We finally had snow last night for the first time this season.  Molly’s not impressed with the amount of snow at all.  Just look at her disappointed face.  She wants lots of snow so she can run from one end of the yard to the other at top speed. 

Part of me likes the mild winter we’ve been having so far but another part of me wonders what shape the world is going to be in in 50 years.  Sorry Al Gore, I don’t think there’s much we can do about the damage we’ve already made.