Some unfinished business…

I have a tendency to complete up to 90% of a project and then stop.  I’m fine with sewing 3 sides of a pillow case, stuffing it, and leaving the 4th side open.  I’m fine with painting the room and leaving the paint tape on the wall for months.  I’m fine with spending days to knit a pair of socks (with size 0 needles no less) and not weaving in the ends. 
Exhibit A 
Exhibit A:   See that white strip below the star…that’s where i did some drywall patching.  I’ve done A LOT of work in my bedroom but I didn’t bother to repaint the patch job.  It’s been over 2 years….I don’t even know where the paint is.   But I did finally make a cover for the body pillow out of this vintage flat sheet by Vera.  And yes my bed is also where I do my crafts.  My parents would have a heart attack if they knew I sleep with scissors, needles, and exacto knives on my bed!!
So I’m done with this half-assedness habit.  I shall finish what I’ve started!

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