I was supposed to go to the studio last night after work but I fell asleep.  So instead of working on my class project, I worked on some micro terrariums.  I’ve made terrariums with ferns in the past but I’ve been inspired by these cactus terrariums (and these) that I just had to make some of my own.  I repotted some of my succulents from my dish gardens and put them in the smallest glass containers I have…the one on the left is actually a glass Christmas ornament!  It’s less than 2 inches across.  I also stuck some pebbles I’ve collected in them for fun.

Looking and playing with these terrariums gave me a new idea for my class project (I’ve already changed my mind several times and haven’t even started on anything yet!)…so Shawn, if you’re reading this (which you will, because I’m going to email you the link shortly), I’m not doing the Urban Fossils anymore, I’ll be doing Mikrokosmos instead.  The idea is to make little plant-like clay things and put them in glass containers…each will be a little self-contained world of its own.  This will still be a wall piece (the containers will sit on shelves…which I’ll probably have to make) and I think I might try glazing everything white…that’s something I’ve been slowly moving towards in the past year. 

I’ll try not to sleep thru next week’s class!


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