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Wednesday WIP: Sewing Machine Cover


I have started working on my sewing machine cover!  I saw some pretty covers from Whipup and I just had to make one myself.  I came up with the idea of making the front of the cover look like a modernish house. The black canvas will actually be windows of the house and I’ve embroidered some flowers for the flowerbox that will go in front of the house.  The windows and door will also act as pockets for my sewing tools.  I hope to finish this by this weekend because I have a bunch of other things I want to make!  Here’s a list:

1. Felted sweater quilt (from all the wool sweaters I got for 50 cents a piece)

2. Lunch bag (I’m sick of carrying my lunch in plastic grocery bags)

3. Cloth menstrual pads

What I really need to work on is my Mikrokosmos project for the Fuller Museum show.  We have to get our pieces over there by the end of next week!  Eeeeek!



Two vintage mugs I found at the Davis Square Goodwill this past weekend.  I have a bunch of stoneware mugs but they’re all singletons.  The cool thing about having two is that you can tell that the flowers are hand drawn.  They’re not exactly the same!  I really like the splash of orange and the simple graphics.

I was telling a friend that I’ve been more productive since starting this blog (a good thing) but I’ve also been going to the thrift stores more often (not so sure if it’s a good thing or not) because of this blog.  I think I’d feel better once I get rid of all the things I don’t want anymore so I can make room for all these new thrifted goodies.

I’ve also noticed from reading other peoples’ craft blogs that there’s a strong link between being crafty and liking vintage things.  What’s up with that?

Crafty Goodness in the Office


I made seat covers for my office chair!  I got these fabric from a swap on Craftster and I had just enough.  The seat cushion cover has a drawstring on the bottom so that has a good fit.  I could probably tweak the back cover some more but it’ll do for now.  I’m pretty sure I have the BRIGHTEST chair in my building … what a way to start the week!

Office work

office chair.JPG

This is my chair at work.  I’ve worn out the front corner of the seat cushion (can you tell that I have a 9 to 5 DESK job).  I’ve been thinking about putting a cute little patch to cover up the hole but maybe I’ll make a seat cover and change the look completely!  Muahahaha, wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a personalized office chair?

It’s like Christmas in February!


Woohoo, I got two packages this week!  4 pieces of vintage fabric from Ebay and 7 cloth menstrual pads from a swap in Craftster!  Check out some of Noodle Princess’s beautiful pads.  Now I know what to do with all my flannel fabric!

Yes, cloth pads are reusable so they require you to wash them but they are so much better than disposable pads in so many ways:

1. They are environmentally friendly (can be made with recycled fabric, you’ll be producing way less waste (the average woman will use 16,800 pads or tampons in her lifetime….that’s A LOT of waste), and they can decompose unlike plastic pads)

2. They save you $$

3. They are COMFORTABLE and breathable

4. They are customizable (the color, shape, size combinations are endless!)

You’d think I’ve used these for years but these are my first ones.  I’m spreadin’ the word!

I love how there are so many craftsters out there who make their own pads.  Just look at this Craftster thread.  I was too lazy to make my own so I jumped at the chance for a swap but now I think I’ll start cranking them out for my skeptical friends.  Yeah, you know who you are and now you know what you’ll be getting for your birthdays!!

Cute as a button

Vintage Buttons.JPG

Some vintage buttons I got from an estate sale … they look like candy.  Why are vintage things so adorable?

Thrift store goodies and a parking ticket

Mug and Fabric box.JPG

Here’s one of the 4 matching mugs I found this weekend at the Goodwill.  I went in to look for glass containers for my mikrokosmos project but saw these and grabbed them right away.  They were 50 cents a piece.  I also scored a really nice skein of merino wool yarn that had a price tag of $27.50 for 99 cents.  I did walk out of the store with a few glass containers but browsing for the other lovelies cost me a parking ticket!  I should know by now that there’s no such thing as a quick stop at the thrift store. 

Behind the mug is another fabric box I made to keep my coffee table organized … so far so good.


My babies


D’oh!  My camera battery died this morning so I’ll have to show off my vintage buttons next week.  Here’s a picture of my babies, Molly the dog and Elliot the cat, taken over a year ago.  I feel very lucky to have them in my life.  I’ve talked about how I got Molly so here’s the story of Elliot…

Elliot and his brother were dumped in my friend Lise’s neighborhood during the winter a couple of years ago.  One day Lise came home to find Elliot and another cat (his girlfriend at the time) in her basement!  It turned out that Elliot had broken the basement window and jumped in.  I was looking to adopt cats at the time so I offered to take them in.  We had agreed to meet up but a blizzard hit that weekend.  The cats were no where to be found.  A few days later, Lise called and said that she has Elliot but there was no sign of his brother.   So that’s how Elliot came into my life.  We never found out what happened to his brother and we can only hope that someone had taken him in. 

No Chinese New Year’s Dinner for me


I was supposed to go down to MD for Chinese New Year this weekend but my parents are freaking out about the road “condition” because of the recent snow.  A few years ago, I would’ve driven down anyway to make my point that the roads are fine, but I’ve decided not to go this time to save everyone from my parents’ overwhelming anxiety.

My aunts wanted to make dumplings from scratch and I was going to make the wrappers.  I’ve “helped” my grandma make dumplings when I was little but I wasn’t able to make the wrappers with one hand rolling the rolling pin and the other turning the dough in circles.  It wasn’t until many years later when I was living on my own that I realized I could roll out wrappers like the way my grandma did!  So now I’m the official dumpling wrapper maker in the family.  My rule is, if you’re going to make dumplings from scratch, you HAVE to make the wrappers from scratch too.  None of that store bought wrappers nonsense. 

Anyway, the picture is of a couple of porcelain dumplings I made a few years ago.  Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone!!

Wednesday WIP



My Mikrokosmos project.  These are not done yet but i just wanted to see how they would look in the glass containers.  These were inspired by succulents and terrariums.  I had wanted to glaze the pieces white but my teacher wants me to think more about it.  I’m going to be brave and bring these to class for critiques tonight.