My babies


D’oh!  My camera battery died this morning so I’ll have to show off my vintage buttons next week.  Here’s a picture of my babies, Molly the dog and Elliot the cat, taken over a year ago.  I feel very lucky to have them in my life.  I’ve talked about how I got Molly so here’s the story of Elliot…

Elliot and his brother were dumped in my friend Lise’s neighborhood during the winter a couple of years ago.  One day Lise came home to find Elliot and another cat (his girlfriend at the time) in her basement!  It turned out that Elliot had broken the basement window and jumped in.  I was looking to adopt cats at the time so I offered to take them in.  We had agreed to meet up but a blizzard hit that weekend.  The cats were no where to be found.  A few days later, Lise called and said that she has Elliot but there was no sign of his brother.   So that’s how Elliot came into my life.  We never found out what happened to his brother and we can only hope that someone had taken him in. 


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