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Brown Bag Lunch

Brown lunch bag.JPG

I finally finished my square bottom lunch bag last night.  It looks big!  There’s plenty of room for my tupperware and grapefruit.  Yay, I’ll never have to bring my lunch in grocery store plastic bags again!

As I was putting this bag together last night, I realized that the thin quilting cottons are kind of translucent…which gave me the idea of making “light boxes” with thick and thin materials.  I’ll have to play with that idea this weekend.

Happy Friday!

Swap goodies…from Europe!

I got a couple of awsome swap packages this week (private swaps from craftster) and I just had to show them off.


Fabric from Finland (I think mostly vintage).  I LOVE the one with the little brown trees!  These will be incorporated into future quilt projects.


Totes from Sweden.  The one on the left is made from vintage fabric.  I realized that I was drawn to the one one the right because I remember these characters from when I was a little kid!

Wednesday WIP – the beginnings of a quilt!


Is it me or does it seem like just about everyone in crafty blogland are making doll quilts (see here for example)?  Anyway, this is what I did last night with the little 2.5″ vintage fabric squares I won from Ebay.  I decided to group the patches by color.  I don’t have a plan yet for the quilt(s) but it sure is fun to play with fabric squares!  

The cat will play when the mom’s away





The guilty one!


Dresser woes


I was supposed to pick up a dresser 2 weekends ago (a mid-century modern Craigslist find).  It didn’t work out the first weekend because we got snowed out.  I tried again this weekend and all I could get in my station wagon was these drawers.  Whaaah! 

I’m going to try again this coming weekend with my neighbor’s van.  Third time is the charm right?  It’s a gorgeous dresser with lots of storage…perfect to hold my vintage fabrics!

I started replacing my hand-me-down/found/IKEA furniture a couple of years ago with “real” furniture.  Real as in real wood (not particle board), no assembly required, and dovetail joints (not those cam lock screw things).  I’ve had pretty good luck finding great deals on Ebay and Craigslist and now I have a pretty good collection of mid century modern pieces.  I think I’ll take some pictures and show them off here!

My Ebay addiction


Yup, I’m still at it…bidding on vintage fabric on Ebay.  I won this lot even though I mostly just wanted the pretty pink and brown fabric (there are 4 yards of it!). 

The voting began on the Softie Awards so please go and vote!  There are 12 categories and lots of great softies.  Here’s my sewing machine cover  that made it into the Cozy Finalists.  The front is meant to look like a modern house and the windows and door are actually pockets for sewing accessories so it’s multifunctional!

Happy feet


I’m wearing sneakers today!  It seems that my feet have been stuck in boots for the longest time.  I love sneakers because they’re soooo comfortable but they do put a limit on what you can wear above them.  I’d like to be dressier sometimes but I can’t find any comfortable dressy shoes that I can wear all day long without getting blisters.  Anyway, I’m starting to look at Crocs but there are so many colors that I can’t decide which one(s) to get.  Any Crocs wearers out there with any suggestions?

My dog Molly walked into my picture this morning and I had to take the picture quick before she walked away.  She has the daintiest little feet!  This picture reminds me of the one from yesterday’s 3191 post.  Little happy feet everywhere (including the metal tipped ones from my footrest)! 



No work in progress today…just some happy daffodils in a pickled vegetable jar.

On another happy note, my Modern House Sewing Machine Cozy got chosen as one of the finalists for the Softie Awards under the cozy category!  This is so exciting!  Voting starts later this week.

Fabric covered buttons!


I was going through some of my craft supplies and came upon a ziploc bag full of  fabric button kits I got from an estate sale a year ago.  I made a few buttons with my vintage floral and Superbuzzy fabrics.  Since these are small, they really make you notice the details of the prints.  Can you see the 2 butterflies on the little brown button in the middle?  Any ideas what I can do with these buttons? 



I went to the opening reception of our class exhibition, A Class Act: Collaborating in Clay at the Fuller Craft Museum on Sunday.  It was really nice seeing all of my classmates’ pieces on display.  Here’s a picture of my final piece taken at the studio before it was packed up.  My piece was sitting in a locked glass case at the Museum and all I could think of was god, I need to fix the arrangement!  Some of the pieces moved a little during transport and need to be straightened out. 

The museum itself is quite spectacular.  There are several courtyards in the museum with partially snow-covered sculptures (beautiful!).  I love interior courtyards and I was kicking myself because I forgot to bring my camera.  There’s also a beautiful lake right behind the museum with ducks and swans.  Anyway, we’ll be on exhibit until June 17 so do stop by if you’re in the area!