The Joy of Instant Gratification


In the crafting world, some things take longer than others. 

Knitting a pair of socks = delayed gratification

Making an ipod cozy = instant gratification!

But then, it’s all relative…

Making a queen size quilt = delayed gratification

Knitting a pair of socks = instant gratification!

The instant gratification in the clay world would probably be raku firing.  Instead of waiting for a few days to get your pieces out of a kiln, you can actually grab the glowing orange pieces out of the kiln in about 4 hours…yes,  you’d literally have to grab them with tongs while wearing layers of protective gear so you don’t raku yourself in the process.    That’s a picture of one of my mikrokosmos pieces that came out of the raku kiln last night.  I found that Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser does a really good job of cleaning off the surface after they’ve been cleaned with a scrubby pad and soap.  I wonder if the raku world knows about this.  Maybe I should write to Ceramics Monthly about this neat little trick I discovered!


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