Wednesday WIP – Lunch Box


At some point I decided to show work in progress on Wednesdays.  Now don’t be fooled into thinking that I just happen to have projects in progress lying around in the middle of the week.  This is me on Tuesday night…OH CRAP, I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING FOR WEDNESDAY’S POST!!!  And that’s how I come up with my middle of the week WIPs.  Not a bad idea for getting stuff done if I do say so myself.  The good thing is that since it is a work in progress, I don’t have to stay up until the middle of the night finishing it up!  Now I only need days like “Mop the Floors Mondays”, “Financial/Filing Fridays”, etc.

So here’s my lunch bag in progress.  I don’t know why lunch bags out there don’t have square bottoms.  You end up having to put in your tupperware sideways and that’s no good when you have a saucy lunch.  I got a lot of cute vintage quilt squares from Ebay that I’m using for the outside of the bag and I’m going to line the inside with this cool green vintage spill-proof table cloth material for easy clean up.  Whew, I’m done with my Wednesday post!


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