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Checkbook cover, check


Weekends are too short.  I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to but I did finish this checkbook cover.  There’s a combination of hand quilting and machine quilting.  I started machine quilting wavy lines on the brown canvas and I ended up with a wood grain type of design.  I like the contrast actually and I’m in LOVE the pink and brown fabric…what else can I make with it?  Maybe some placemats?

I gave Molly dog a bath (finally)…that’s a pretty big accomplishment for the weekend…and I assembled a few cabinets for a friend and played with her new yorkie terrier puppy, Jasper (he’s only 8 weeks old)…and took another friend to Costco and Target and looked at baby stuff for baby present ideas.  The baby stuff at Target is so damn cute it makes you want to have a baby so you can buy all that cuteness…or in my case, make them yourself.

WIP – Checkbook cover


I woke up early this morning thinking today was Saturday (yay!)…then I realized it was only Friday (boo)…don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Anyways, here’s a checkbook cover that I started last night.  I really like the combination of chocolate brown and pink (and lime green).  I put some cotton batting between the layers and will do some quilting and embellishing.  I think it’s good practice for all the quilts I plan to make.

Handmade bathmat


I couldn’t cut into the brand new towels I got from Target so I made the bathmat with some of my old faded towels instead…which I like better because I’m reusing/recycling something old into something new!  The bathmat is reversible and the other side looks a little different (2 bathmats in 1!!).  I reinforced the straight stitching with zigzag stitching so it should hold up fine in the washer.  I think a mat made of vintage patterned towels would be adorable…now I have something new to look for when I’m thrifting…heehee.

Ms. Hardcore DIY


No crafting for me last night.  I pulled out my toilet instead (Rawr!!) to retrieve part of a toothbrush case that was accidentally flushed down the toilet.  Now I can say that I know my toilet intimately.  I was going to document the process but it got gross pretty quickly so I’ll spare you the details.  I did get the toothbrush case out (yippee!) and managed to put back the toilet although I did end up with 2 black washers that I have no idea where they belong to…but the toilet is not loose and nothing’s leaking so I’m not going to worry too much about it.

The bathmat got ruined in the process so I decided to go out to buy a new one.  On my way to the store, I had the idea of making my own bathmat out of towels!  So I got a couple of towels instead and I plan to cut out pieces and kind of quilt them together.  The mat would be reversible so you can just flip it over when one side gets dirty.  Plus, it would be totally safe to wash it and dry it in the machine. 

So yes, I think I deserve the title of Ms. Hardcore DIY … maybe I’ll go sew myself a crown … or a souped up toolbelt.

First Shirt Reconstruction!


Weeeeeee, I reconstructed a shirt to fit me!  Here’s my ghetto “before and after” comparison (I was too eager to start sewing that I forgot to take a before shot).  The green shirt used to look like the blue shirt…basically a very large men’s shirt (thrifted of course).  Now it’s a fitted 3/4 sleeve shirt with darts!  I don’t even think I own anything with darts but I put them in anyways.  The shirt also has slits on the sides.  As my friends can attest, I am no fashion queen but I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt.  I’m wearing this shirt right now as I’m typing and nothing has ripped apart so far.  Yay!

Fresh air!


It was soooo nice this weekend.  I had the windows open, did some cleaning, went out to eat with friends 3 times (dim sum, middle eastern, and sushi), started on a shirt reconstruction project (should be done tonight), watched Elliot hang out by the open window and Molly sunbathe in the yard.

All this good weather did make me realize that I’m a little pale…I should join my dog and get some sun in the middle of the yard.

Vintage Button Swap


Some vintage buttons I got from this swap.

I’m looking forward to the (sunny and warm) weekend.  I have all these things I want to make…mainly a dressform so I can start making/reconstructing clothes and baby stuff for friends (quilts, bibs, drool cloths). 

Bye bye rain


Molly’s wet footprints on the porch.  Cuteness.

For Grandma




Dear Grandma,

I made this doll for you.  I know you probably won’t recognize me if you see me now but maybe this doll will remind you of the 2 little granddaughters who came to live with you almost 30 years ago.  You used to braid our hair just like the doll’s and put us to bed.  I hope she will bring you some comfort and happiness.  I’ll come visit you soon.



Breakfast at the desk


Wow, I just realized that sometimes I eat 2 meals at my desk a day…TWO!

Anyway, I’ve been working on an important project since the weekend.  I hope to post it tomorrow.