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New project – bookcover


Mia wanted a quilted bookmark but I thought that was too easy so I made her a bookcover instead (I’ll still make a bookmark for you Mia!).  The fun part was trying to figure out how to make a cover that will adjust to different thicknesses and I think I did it!  What I really like about making things is the problem solving aspect and it’s so satisfying when you figure something out.


The bookcover can also “close” the book so it doesn’t get ruined sitting in a bag with a million other things.  Hope you like it Mia!


Coasting through coasters


Coasters for sillyc.  Made with vintage scraps and charcoal linen.  I really like the contrast of the cool sophisticated linen against the colorful scraps.

So 3 down, 4 more prizes to make!

Drum roll please

Yay, I’ve decided to make a little something for EVERYONE who left a comment!  I didn’t get to make everything this long weekend but I hope to have them all done by this week.  Here’s what I’ve made so far…

 Coasters for Gee (and Sophia)


Zippered pouch for Sharon


100th Post Giveaway!


OK, I’m ready to make something to give away!  When you leave a comment, please indicate whether you would like a doll quilt or a zippered pouch.  You can also request something else made with the above pieces (coasters, bag, etc.) and I’ll try to make them but no promises.

I’ll randomly pick one of the comments left by midnight tomorrow (5/25, EST) and will reveal the winner and prize on Tuesday.  Who are you people who’s been reading my dinky little blog?  It’s time to delurk!  Don’t be shy!

Wednesday WIP – something for the 100th post giveaway!


I thought I’d entice you folks with a promise of something made with superbuzzy fabric.  I haven’t quite decided what to make yet but I’ve narrowed it down to either a doll quilt or a quilted pouch.  Maybe I’ll let the winner pick.  It’s good to have choices.

So leave a comment tomorrow and you’ll be entered into a drawing for something I will make.  The odds of winning should be pretty good!

For eating and drinking


Here’s my collection of everyday plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs.  Some are from Ebay, some are from thrift stores and some are handmade.  I took the cupboard doors off because I wanted to see these everyday.  OK, so I fell asleep early last night and didn’t make anything so that’s why I’m showing my cupboards today.  😛

So if I counted correctly, this would be my 98th post.  Should I do a 100th post give away like these bloggers have done (here and here)?  The 100th post should be this Thursday’s post.  What should I make to give away?  Suggestions please!

So stayed tuned and leave a comment on Thursday to be entered in the drawing for some yet to be determined thing I’ll make.  Hell, leave a comment now … you’ll get extra brownie points.

Here comes the sun


The sun’s out finally!  It seemed like it rained all last week.  Anyhoo, I tried something new this weekend at a friend’s request … I signed up to be a proctor for a police civil exam for the state of Massachusetts.  I was actually a free floater and did a bunch of things and ended up being a hall monitor.  That’s right, I escorted future police men and women to the restroom.  It was a very long day and the only thing that kept me going was thinking about all the pretty fabric that I was going to get with the money … perhaps a little guilt free splurge at superbuzzy

Here’s a shot of my little furballs enjoying the sun and the breeze this morning.  They have no idea they’re going to the vet today for check ups and shots!!