Slowly but surely


I’m starting to turn the spare/guest bedroom into my sewing room.  Check out the cutting table I got from Craigslist for 20 bucks!  The wall color was already there but I just noticed a couple of other bloggers using similar colors for their craft rooms (like soulemama’s and … darn it, I can’t find the other blogger who has this color but trust me, it’s a popular craft room color houseonhillroad’s).  The little baby clothes hanging on the wall are from a rummage sale (all for a dollar).  They’re too cute to give away so I’m just going to hang them on the wall for now.


 This is a temporary solution for my lack of storage.  It’s a shoe organizer hung on the back of a chair.  I’ll probably make a wall board with pockets (something like shimandsons‘ but on a peg board so I can also hang things off of hooks).

OK, I wasn’t going to show this picture but here it is in all it’s glory…this is also part of the room.  Doesn’t it look like someone threw up yard sale on the bed?



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