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Trash day booty

I walked past an old door that a neighbor put in the trash this morning and I just had to get out my screw driver and take out the beautiful glass doorknobs.   I love the weight and the coolness of the glass.  This is my second set of glass doorknobs from the trash.  People on my street are probably used to seeing me rip out hardware from their trash by now.   I have no shame.

And here’s another good find from the curb last night.   I was totally thinking about getting a lamp for my craft room because I hate overhead lighting and there it was, a perfectly fine lamp right outside my house.  This one has a swing arm so I can move it around.  I don’t understand why someone would throw away a working lamp like this.  They could’ve donated it to the Goodwill, gotten a tax deduction, and let someone else have the lamp.  I’m glad I rescued it from the landfill and now I have better lighting in my craft room!

I get really disgusted sometimes on trash days seeing all the stuff that really shouldn’t be thrown away sitting on the curb.  Yes, it may be a little more trouble to donate stuff or give it away on freecycle but it’s win win win situation.   I can only rescue so many things on my own.  Urgh, stupid disposable mentality … what a waste!

You like?


It was fun playing with the new look of my blog.  I really like how the feel of a picture changes when you crop it.   With Chester and Sophie on the banner, this blog feels craftier already.

A new look

I might be changing the look of my blog so don’t be surprised if this looks completely different tomorrow.

Quilting the baby quilt


Quilting a life sized quilt turns out to be quite different than quilting a little doll quilt.  I wasn’t patient enough to baste the quilt or pin it so I just started quilting.  It doesn’t help that I used a mix of cottons, poly cottons, and a flannel backing.  It seems like everything is stretching differently but so far so good.  Here’s what I’ve done with the quilt so far.

I’m using the blue painter’s tape as a guide.

My little garden

I’ve been growing vegetables at a community garden for a few years.  I really like playing in the dirt and getting a farmer’s tan.

Since I went to MD last weekend, this is what was waiting for me after skipping a weekend of weeding…  This is my lettuce patch.  You can kind of see some lettuce leaves poking out. 


And here’s Molly trying to help me aerate the soil by digging a hole to China.  She stopped after awhile and laid in the hole she dug while I weeded on my hands and knees.


WIP – baby quilt for Ella


I took today off and I’ve been cutting and sewing all morning.  This is the first of many baby quilts to come.  I am hoping, HOPING that I’ll finish this quilt by the end of the weekend.  So far all the horizontal strips are done.  You can see that I’m not a big fan of ironing but I’ll have to do some major ironing before joing the strips together.  This quilt is actually going pretty fast because I’m not doing precise cutting or piecing so there are no corners to match up (yay!).

A little break

I went to Maryland to visit my folks and my grandmother who I haven’t seen in a few years (she was living in CA and recently came back).  My grandma said that I look strong and like a boy … that’s what I get for getting a haircut right before my visit.


And here are my cousins playing Wii boxing.  I tried it too and beat the crap out of my 10 year old cousin.  You can really work up a sweat swinging punches in the air.  Boy these games have come a long way since Super Mario Brothers (that’s what I played when I was a kid, ahem, in high school).  What will they think of next?


And here’s Molly Lolly hiding under the table for some peace and quiet because we get pretty rowdy when the whole family’s together (all 4 of my grandma’s daughters and their husbands and kids).  We were at one of my aunt’s house for BBQ and crabs (hey, we’re Marylanders after all).  I think my grandma was happy that all of us were together.


Create your own South Park character


Me!  I think my friends would say it’s a pretty good likeness.  My head is really that big.

To make your own:

A very pink quilt DONE!


The final prize for my 100th post giveaway…a pink quilt for Vivian.  I finally finished quilting and binding this baby this weekend.  This is my very first real quilt and I think I’m ready to move on to baby quilts.  This little one is about 12″x16″.

A cool link

A friend sent me this link  Someone has attached a little camera to his cat’s collar and now we get to see what a cat does when it’s outside all day.  How cool is that?