A little break

I went to Maryland to visit my folks and my grandmother who I haven’t seen in a few years (she was living in CA and recently came back).  My grandma said that I look strong and like a boy … that’s what I get for getting a haircut right before my visit.


And here are my cousins playing Wii boxing.  I tried it too and beat the crap out of my 10 year old cousin.  You can really work up a sweat swinging punches in the air.  Boy these games have come a long way since Super Mario Brothers (that’s what I played when I was a kid, ahem, in high school).  What will they think of next?


And here’s Molly Lolly hiding under the table for some peace and quiet because we get pretty rowdy when the whole family’s together (all 4 of my grandma’s daughters and their husbands and kids).  We were at one of my aunt’s house for BBQ and crabs (hey, we’re Marylanders after all).  I think my grandma was happy that all of us were together.



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