Trash day booty

I walked past an old door that a neighbor put in the trash this morning and I just had to get out my screw driver and take out the beautiful glass doorknobs.   I love the weight and the coolness of the glass.  This is my second set of glass doorknobs from the trash.  People on my street are probably used to seeing me rip out hardware from their trash by now.   I have no shame.

And here’s another good find from the curb last night.   I was totally thinking about getting a lamp for my craft room because I hate overhead lighting and there it was, a perfectly fine lamp right outside my house.  This one has a swing arm so I can move it around.  I don’t understand why someone would throw away a working lamp like this.  They could’ve donated it to the Goodwill, gotten a tax deduction, and let someone else have the lamp.  I’m glad I rescued it from the landfill and now I have better lighting in my craft room!

I get really disgusted sometimes on trash days seeing all the stuff that really shouldn’t be thrown away sitting on the curb.  Yes, it may be a little more trouble to donate stuff or give it away on freecycle but it’s win win win situation.   I can only rescue so many things on my own.  Urgh, stupid disposable mentality … what a waste!


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