I shaved my dog!

I bought a clipper yesterday and shaved Molly!  She was getting the summer itchies and was shedding clumps of hair all over the place.  I was going to bring her to get a professional cut but I decided to try it myself this time.  I put her in the bathtub (to contain the hair) and she was soooooo good about the whole thing.  I was very pleasantly surprised that she didn’t mind the buzzing sound at all.  It took us about 2 hours (the dog is super hairy) and both of us were exhausted afterwards.  She’s still a little fuzzy around the edges and she wouldn’t let me clip the hair between her toes but I think I did a decent enough job that the other dogs in the hood probably wouldn’t laugh at her homemade haircut.

And here’s her blurry mugshot.


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