My shiny sink!

Last week I saw a video about a woman who lives in an 84 sq. ft. house and owns only 300 things.   I don’t think I can limit myself to owning only 300 things (toothpaste was one of the items) but it did get me thinking about decluttering my own place.   I have a lot of things and even though I like the minimalist look, I know it wont’ work for me.   So I’ve decided NOT to feel guilty about having things.  I like to have beautiful (to me) things because they make me smile when I see them or use them.  What I need is to get rid of the things that I don’t use anymore (which for some reason are scattered throughout the house).

So I started cleaning the kitchen and threw away expired canned goods, utensils that I haven’t used in ages, and extra plastic containers from carry outs.  I started making a pile of things for the yard sale I’m having this Saturday and this time, whatever I don’t sell will go to the Goodwill.  

I went on line to look for more decluttering ideas and stumbled onto the FlyLady website.  This is a great website for someone like me who’s ready to make some changes because it breaks down the humongous task of cleaning/organizing your entire house into baby steps.  The first thing FlyLady tells you to do is to clean your sink until it shines.  So that’s what I did.  It’s like magic because I started cleaning the countertop and stove after the sink is clean and then I mopped the floor.  I guess you can’t just have a shiny sink if the rest of the kitchen looks grimy.

So this is how I got to have a clean sink from watching a woman who lives in a tiny house.  I know, it only makes sense to me.


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