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House diet

I realized that I’ve essentially put my house on a diet.  It has lost some weight (bags and bags of stuff donated) and I’m making sure that no junk gets put inside the house.  If I keep up the house diet, my house should be mean and lean in no time!

These are the things I’ve purged from my house over the past week.

4 big bags of stuff to the Salvation Army.  Buh-bye.

How did I end up with all these extra flower pots?  These will be going to the Somerville Garden Club yard sale.

I also gave away these small appliances to friends:

Toaster oven

Waffle maker

Dust buster

Crock pot



Lotsa tomatoes from my community garden!  I’m going to have to make some sauce and freeze them before I go down to MD this weekend.

Too many pillows

Last night as I was looking at pictures of minimalist homes, I realized that I have too many pillows in the living room.  So this morning I edited down my pillows (by 50%) and here’s a stack of extras that I can live without.  One good thing about living with less stuff is less maintenance.  Now I have 6 fewer pillows to fluff!

Oh, and Molly the dog must be reading my blog because she’s started sleeping in her dog bed again (WTF, she hasn’t slept in it since last year!) … I guess I’m not giving her bed away just yet.

Off of the floor!

Ironing board rack space saving

Sometimes you have to buy new things to keep clutter down and save space.  I love this ironing board rack  I got from the hardware store.  Before this, I used to have the ironing board set up in the middle of the room and I piled a bunch of stuff on it.  I think this is the next best thing to having a wall-mounted ironing board and it is definitely much cheaper (best 5 bucks I’ve ever spent).

Pegboard goodness

Hand tools on peg board

I don’t have a place for everything yet but I do have a place for all of my hand tools!  I gathered up all the tools scattered all around the house (some were in the bathroom, bedroom, craft room…I think I still have some in my car) and started hanging them on this pegboard I got for free at a yard sale.  I don’t have a system for organizing the tools on this board but I figure having them all in one place is better than having them all over the place.

To keep or not to keep

I’m thinking of getting rid of my animals’ beds. Does that make me a bad pet mommy? It’s not like they sleep in them. Elliot the cat likes to sleep in my laundry basket, on the guest room bed, in my under-bed storage drawer (that is NOT a bed Elliot!), and under the dining table. Molly the dog likes to sleep under the coffee table, on the couches, and under the guest room bed. The whole house is practically a bed for them! I’m sure the animals at the pet shelter will get more use out of their beds. Of course, as soon as I donate their beds, I just know I’m going to get a call from animal control asking me why I’m making my animals sleep on the floor.

Here’s a nifty DIY pet bed tutorial in case your animals are crying for a bed of their own.  It’s a good way to use up extra fabric and old towels … one more way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

It’s hard to be ruthless

MS Living magazines

Well, I’m still in major decluttering mode and since this is all I can think about nowadays, I’ve decided to create a new category in my blog called “Living with less”.  This way I can track my progress as I go through my earthly possessions.

Last night I pulled out my Martha Stewart Living magazines (which were stacked neatly on the bookshelf).  I decided that I was going to give them to my friend C. because I haven’t looked at them in a few years.  I put them in a tote bag and brought them down to the living room.  This morning as I was taking a picture of this stack, I started having second thoughts.  OK, I started having second thoughts as soon as I thought about the possibility of giving these away.  True, I haven’t looked at them in years but they’re chuck full of craft projects (look, the one on top has an article about quilting, I quilt!) and ORGANIZING ideas!  So I went back and forth and back and forth about these magazines.  I can give them to my friend and look at them at her house when I visit…I can keep them…but if I keep them I’ll get distracted and lose steam and then my decluttering would come to a stop…wait, just thinking about whether I should keep these is a distraction that’s stopping me from decluttering.  So I’ve decided to keep them for now  and move on to the stuff that will take less thinking, like the stuff that’s just sitting on the floor without a home.  And to show that I’ve already picked up some good organizing habits, I took the stack back up to my room and neatly stacked them on my bookshelf…where they were in the first place.