Clutterless…how about less clutter

uncluttered living room

I’ve been chipping away at my “stuff” for a couple of weeks now and here’s a shot of my living room this morning.  OK, so I staged it a little because I chose not to show the left corner of the coffee table which has 2 remote controls but I’ve been pretty good about keeping the living room like this for a week now (I even put away the coaster when I’m done with it).  I’m still shaving down the stuff that I don’t use or don’t love and I still have quite a ways to go but I did figure out some things about the way I acquire stuff:

1. Although I’m not into clothes, shoes, or bags I am into vintage house stuff.  The fact that they are readily available inexpensively at flea markets and thrift stores means that I don’t feel guilty for buying them.

2. I like the “hunt” of looking for vintage stuff.  I really love it when I spot a cool vintage mug amongst a sea of mugs at the thrift store. I think the reason I’d buy it is because it’s like a prize for my keen eye (and because it’s only 99 cents).

3. I have a habit of buying something because I think it’s worth more than what I pay for even if I don’t need it or love it. 

4. I also have a habit or picking up stuff from the curb because they’re perfectly fine.

I don’t think any of these reasons are particularly bad but now I’m more mindful of how I acquire things so hopefully I’ll think a little more the next time I pass by someone’s garbage or a thrift store. 

And here’s a website I found yesterday about living with less clutter:


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