It’s hard to be ruthless

MS Living magazines

Well, I’m still in major decluttering mode and since this is all I can think about nowadays, I’ve decided to create a new category in my blog called “Living with less”.  This way I can track my progress as I go through my earthly possessions.

Last night I pulled out my Martha Stewart Living magazines (which were stacked neatly on the bookshelf).  I decided that I was going to give them to my friend C. because I haven’t looked at them in a few years.  I put them in a tote bag and brought them down to the living room.  This morning as I was taking a picture of this stack, I started having second thoughts.  OK, I started having second thoughts as soon as I thought about the possibility of giving these away.  True, I haven’t looked at them in years but they’re chuck full of craft projects (look, the one on top has an article about quilting, I quilt!) and ORGANIZING ideas!  So I went back and forth and back and forth about these magazines.  I can give them to my friend and look at them at her house when I visit…I can keep them…but if I keep them I’ll get distracted and lose steam and then my decluttering would come to a stop…wait, just thinking about whether I should keep these is a distraction that’s stopping me from decluttering.  So I’ve decided to keep them for now  and move on to the stuff that will take less thinking, like the stuff that’s just sitting on the floor without a home.  And to show that I’ve already picked up some good organizing habits, I took the stack back up to my room and neatly stacked them on my bookshelf…where they were in the first place.


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