My winterizing to-do list

Winter in New England is COLD and EXPENSIVE.  This year, I’m going to do all I can to keep the heat in and save money.  Hopefully I’ll get to cross all these things off before it gets really cold.   Here’s a good link about winterizing your home.

My to-do list 

Caulk around windows

Turn down water heater temperature (I think I did this before but at the time I didn’t know that electric water heaters have TWO thermostats and you have to turn down the temperature on both of them.  My water is still scalding hot so hopefully I’ll get it right this time.)

Foam insulation for pipes

Foam insulation for outlets

Door sweepers and weather stripping

Turn off bathroom vents (they suck the hot air out of the room!)

New filters for heater

Move furniture away from heating vents

DIY window insulation (this is my secret project, if it works, I’ll post a tutorial)

Draft stoppers (like these)

Get a humidifier (moist air feels warmer)


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