End of the Year Resolution Update

Well, it’s the last day of 2007 and I’m putting on the third coat of mud.  This website has some very helpful hints for taping drywall.  It recommends that you wet the tape and knife often for a smooth finish.  I think the extra bit of water is slowing down the drying process and I probably won’t get to the sanding by the end of today but I’m pretty happy with where I am.

When I told my sister what I was planning to do during my holiday break she told me to “get a life!”  Hey, what’s wrong with wanting to tape some drywall on my days off?  Geesh, some people just don’t get it.  😛 

Anyway, I’m usually not into making New Year Resolutions because I don’t think that you need to wait until the New Year to make them.  However, I’m excited about 2008 and I can feel that the tides are changing.  I have some big plans for the upcoming year, well, maybe not that big, but plans nonetheless.  More on those later…



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