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My Inspiration Board is in an e-zine!

Erin from design for mankind contacted me awhile ago asking if she could include the picture of my wall board in an e-zine she’s working on.  The e-zine is about inspiration boards and the artists behind them.  I just checked her blog and the e-zine is out!  I’m on page 8!  Everything looks so yummy in there (just like her blog) and I’m so honored to have been chosen.   🙂 


Cats and Paint … Don’t Mix

This is what happens when a cat discovers a tray of paint left unattended.  I went downstairs to grab something and when I came back up to my room, Elliot the cat busted out of the door and went flying down the stairs … leaving a trail of evidence!

Here’s a close up.

Guess who got their little paw washed in the kitchen sink?

A Win-Win-Win deal

I found a guy who was selling 5 gallon buckets of Benjamin Moore paint for $10 on Craigslist.  He owns a painting company and that’s how he ended up with extra paint.  It’s great for me because I’m saving a lot of money.  It’s great for him because instead of paying hazardous waste disposal fees, he’s saving himself money and making a little extra.  It’s great for the environment because now all this paint won’t be sitting in some landfill!

It only takes a little more extra work but it’s so worth it.   Whenever I need something now I look for it on Craigslist (or Freecycle) first.  For instance, my power drill died and I needed one to put up the drywalls for my bedroom renovation project.  I found one on Craigslist for $20.  The guy who was selling it got a new drill so he didn’t need the old one anymore.  It worked out well for the both of us.  I’m sure I’m not helping the US economy by throwing my money at the stores but I’d like to think that I’m helping by doing my share of the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  🙂

Boring white walls

Well, I had some left over paint from painting my bedroom a few years ago and I was hoping that it would be enough for the walls but it’s not.  So the walls are not completely done BUT now that means I can get new paint and maybe this time I’ll pick something that’s a little less white.  I thought the door was white but apparently not when you compare it to the walls!

Here’s the before picture.  I think the drywall gray is more interesting than this white I have right now.

Any ideas on what color I should use for the walls?  I’ll probably go with something neutral … like the “darkest” shade of premixed white they have at the store … can you tell I’m a little afraid of picking out wall colors?  OR, I can dump all the paint I have lying around the house in a bucket and mix my own paint … that way I can use up what I have (which is what I’ve been trying to do) and get rid of all those half empty paint cans!  Decisions decisions…

UPDATE!  Someone is selling 5 gallon buckets of off white and deep beige paint on Craigslist for $10.  God I love Craigslist! 

Goal for long weekend


So in my head I think it should only take a day to prime and paint the room…which means it will take about 3 days in reality. I can’t wait until the bedroom is done so I can move on to my other projects!!

Coyote love

I’m so in love with the dailycoyote that I’ve started calling my dog my little coyote.  The photography is simply stunning!  Check it out.


That’s how old I’m turning today!  Yup, I’m a hardcore Capricorn.

We had our first snow storm of 2008 yesterday and as a present to myself, I stayed in.  The snow was coming down pretty hard.  Just look at Molly’s face!  That silly dog LOVES the snow.  It always makes me laugh when I see her hop around in the snow like a bunny.

So I used my day off to sand the drywalls … something that I’ve been dreading but it HAD TO BE DONE.

This could be a picture of my bedroom floor.  There was soooo much dust but the most satisfying part of the whole job was sucking up the dust with my dryvac.  There are only a few places that need to be smoothed out a little bit more with mud and then the walls are ready for paint!!