If it ain’t broken…

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this Wednesday.  I was going to get all 4 of them out even though only 2 needed to come out.  The oral surgeon said that it’s up to me whether I want the other 2 out or not (hello, why do I have to make this decision, he’s the professional!) and I figured that I should just suffer once and get rid of all of them at the same time.  After thinking a little more about it, I’ve decided to keep the 2 good ones.  It didn’t feel right taking them out when there’s nothing wrong with them.  It’s like throwing something that’s still useful away and I just can’t do that.  Plus if I keep those 2, I might be able to chew with my left side while my right side is healing.   And speaking of wisdom teeth recovery … I’ve been planning on what to eat ever since I learned that I had to get my wisdom teeth out.  I’m actually quite exited to have a few days off.  I’m looking forward to some knitting and maybe making some other crafty projects. 

So here’s my wisdom teeth menu I have planned for myself after the surgery:

congee/jook/porridge with chicken stock and tofu and scallions

Chinese red bean soup

cream of corn soup with egg, carrots, potatoes, peas, and more tofu

sweet tofu (we call it tofu hua) – I need to make the ginger sugar syrup for it because it came unsweetened

I also got a jug of soymilk (the real Chinese kind) for some extra protein

You see a pattern here?  I was thinking about mashed potatoes but with all these yummy Chinese dishes, why bother with mashed potatoes? 

Oh, and how can I forget mint chocolate chip ice cream?  OK, that’s not Chinese but it’ll really hit the spot I think.


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