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I just started playing the CVS game where you buy items that give you ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) and then you use those ECBs to buy other items that will give you ECBs.  You use the ECBs just like real money at CVS and  you can end up with loads of free stuff.  Money Saving Mom is a good place to start learning about the CVS game.

I racked up 10 ECBs and I used them to pay for 2 mouth washes and 1 toothpaste with no out of pocket money of my own.  Those 3 items gave me back 9.97 ECBs which I can use to get more things that will give me ECBs.  I feel like I’m robbing CVS!

Bits of yellow goodness


Chinese Almond Cookies, a.k.a. Heart Attack Lard Cookies.  These have hydrogenated oil AND/OR lard in them.  And I’m pretty sure the yellow color comes from an obscene number of egg yolks used to make these sweet cookies.  My mom gave me a container full of these crumbly treats for my trip back to Boston.  My dad LOVES these cookies and I can’t for the life of me make him understand how bad these are for him.   I found some yellow cookie crumbs on Molly’s back and I think they came from my dad petting her.  OK, so these are just yellow, there’s no goodness in them although they are quite tasty.   Mmmm, lard.


And someone just left me a comment saying that the vintage enamel bowl I got for a quarter sold for $140 on Ebay recently.  Holy sh#t!!!  I love finding great vintage deals!

And the Winner is…

Thanks for all the commenters who left a comment on my new blog!  I’m so curious about all of you…who are you people?  Anyways, I wrote all your names on little pieces of paper, rolled each one into a ball, shook them around in my hands, threw them up in the air and picked the one that was closest to me.  It’s very scientific don’t you think?

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything in the past week, it was because I took some time off and went to see my family in MD.  It’s already spring down there!  Daffodils are in bloom, squirrels are running around everywhere, the air smells sweet…all the good stuff that New England won’t get for another 2 months. 

I also hung out with my sister and she talked me into buying some makeup.  I have a reputation for not being a girly girl but I secretly do pluck my eyebrows (maybe every other month, does that even count?) and I wear eyeliner everyday (a friend noticed that I wear eyeliner one day and thought it was a BIG deal.  Well, I’ve been wearing eyeliner since junior high so it ain’t nothin’ new to me), and if you peek into my medicine cabinet, you’ll see that I even have those mineral powder makeup (I love that stuff).  So I spent $76 on some makeup at the store.  You would think that for $76, I would’ve gotten enough make up for my whole head, but noooo, all I got was eye shadow, eyeliner, and a 2-in-1 eye shadow brush.   Dang, it’s expensive to look made up.  At least my purchase came with a little free gift…more eye shadow…but I like the tin it came in better.

Well, that’s it for this post.  It’s good to be back.

OK, I didn’t forget about the give away prize.  AND THE WINNER OF THE SOAP DISH COMBO IS…



Woohoo! You found my new url!

Welcome to my new blog site, now subscribe/bookmark/memorize it!  Everything should look the same but the address should be easier to remember and I have a litte more widgets to play with.  Just so that I know people are actually seeing this blog, please leave a comment here and I’ll pick one person at random who will receive the soapdish combo above (only one comment per person please).  There’s nothing like a little bribery to get people to come to your blog.  😛  The deadline to post a comment is Monday March 24 at midnight.  Good luck!

Question for you

Yeah, you who’s sitting in front of the computer reading this very post.  Would you mind if I give advertisements a try?  I know bloggers can make money blogging and I’m kinda curious about it.   I want to see how it works so the best way for me to do that is to actually do it.  I’d like to designate a purpose to this possible blog income and I think I might use it for etsy fees … for when I actually start selling my stuff that is.   

So what say you?  I’ll probably try it out even if people object to it but I’d like to know if there are any strong reactions to this. 

Minimalist Teapot?

I had an idea for a teapot on Sunday so I made a model out of a raisin bran cereal box so I wouldn’t forget the basic idea.  You can kind of see Mr. Sun with his 2 scoops of raisin through the handle although that part would be enclosed in the actual teapot.  I think this is about as minimalist as a teapot can go … no separate spout or handle attached to the body and the lid will be recessed on top so nothing sticks out.   This kind of looks like one of those Fiestaware pitchers.  Making this out of clay will be a little tricky but I think I know what to do.  I might give it a try this week. 

Spring Forward!!

OMG, I just found out that Daylight Saving is this weekend!!  I don’t care that we’re losing an hour … going home after work when the sun is still up is PRICELESS!

Nekkid (Naked) Raku

The ceramics class I’m in this semester is called “The Story Behind the Naked Clay” and we’re exploring visual narratives with clay.  We’ve been doing naked raku firings in class for the past few weeks and here’s my try at a narrative on a tile.

This is a drawing of the bedroom my sister and I shared with my grandmother when we were little and living with our grandparents in Taiwan.  My grandmother slept on the bed on the left, my sister slept in the middle, and I slept on the right.  My side of the bed actually butted up right against the wall but I’m not sure why I didn’t draw it that way.  The tile was dipped in slip and glaze and the drawing lines were scratched with a needle tool.  Smoke produced by saw dust at the end of the firing makes the lines black.  The finer crackle lines and dots were made by the crackle glaze.  You dunk the pieces into water after the firing and the slip and glaze are scraped off leaving just the bare clay piece with the smoked lines.  It’s a very cool process for those who like to play with fire (me!) and you get to see the results of the firing in just a few hours.