The smell of burning tooth

I spent a little over 2 hours in the dentist chair yesterday afternoon getting a temporary crown.  I have to say that I am a very good patient now but I was HORRIBLE when I was very young.  I cried and cried and flailed my arms and legs around – I was pretty much your basic PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO TO THE DENTIST kid.  Every dentist visit was traumatic for my parents, the dentist, the staff, and me.  I think I might have kicked a dentist in the groin once.  I remember him limping into another room and giving me a pink rubber gorilla toy.  Mr. Dentist, if you’re reading this, I’m very sorry for kicking you in the groin…I was just a scared little kid back then.

Now I’m a super dental patient.  I don’t wince when the needle jabs into my gum and I don’t mind the piercing drill.  What weirds me out a little is smelling your own burning tooth.  That doesn’t happen very often, mostly only when they’ve been drilling for a long time.  Oh yeah, and inhaling the cloud of tooth dust (at least that’s what I think those fine particles coming out of my mouth is) weirds me out a little too.

So what do you do with your eyes when the dentist is working on you?  Are you supposed to leave them open or closed?  For 2 hours I darted my eyes around thinking about this.  I feel weird closing my eyes but I wonder if the dentist gets distracted with my wandering eyes.

The suckiest part about this whole crown thing is that I can’t have swedish fish candy until I get the permanent crown…boo.


1 Response to “The smell of burning tooth”

  1. 1 Heather April 2, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    haha…i used to wonder about those same things, except i would unconsciously hold my breath, then i would get worried about breathing on the dentist and slobbering all over myself. so, after working for a dentist i finally figured out the best way to deal with being in the chair. just make yourself as comfortable as possible. sit back, relax your muscles, close your eyes and either meditate and rest or listen to your ipod. just ignore what the dentist is doing, he won’t mind. i usually curl my legs up a bit and snuggle under my coat and now i even fall asleep! i just tune everything out, he’s doing his job and all i can do is let him. with the exception of having my wisdom teeth pulled – that took some effort on my part.. good luck with your crown!

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