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9-5 socks

9-5 socks by you.

Hooray, I finally finished these 9-5 socks (and portions of these were knit during the hours of 9-5, shhh)!  They took longer than the regular ribbed socks but they sure are purty.

My pear-shaped cat

Elliot looking out by you.

Elliot looking back by you.

Old School 10-Speed

Can you believe someone threw this bike away?  I picked it out of the trash and took it to a bike shop for a tune up and now it’s all ready to go!  The bike is a bit high for me and I’ve never ridden a bike with gears but I’ve been having fun riding it around the park.

Sears Bike 1 by you.

I just LOVE these blue handles. 

Sears bike handles by you.

And it’s made by:

Sears bike headbadge by you.

Now I’m slightly obsessed with vintage bicycles.  I heart old school styles.

I have the sock knitting bug

9-5 socks by you.

Here’s a new sock I just started working on.  I’m taking a break from those bright self-striping yarns and playing with texture this time.  I’m using the Nine-to-Five Socks pattern and I’m psyched that I figured out how to do those faux cables…you can already see the twists!

Another pair of socks!

Supersocke 100 by you.

Back to good old ribbed socks.  Just finished these last night.  Now I can get more sock yarn!