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It was fun playing with the new look of my blog.  I really like how the feel of a picture changes when you crop it.   With Chester and Sophie on the banner, this blog feels craftier already.

Adventures of Chester and Sophie


Well, Chester and Sophie have decided to enter themselves in a beauty pageant, The Softie Awards.  They asked me to take pictures of them in their natural habitat and also told me to hurry up and open a Flickr account because tomorrow is the last day to enter.  These are two demanding squirrels.

So it looks like a panel of judges will pick the top 5 softies in each category (Chester and Sophie will be in the Rest of the Animal Kingdom category) and then AMERICA will vote for their favorite ones in each category.  Wish them luck!

The Adventures of Chester and Sophie


I made another squirrel this weekend!  Meet Sophie, the blue bellied squirrel.  

Someone said that I should do a children’s book about my squirrels.  I think that would be fun but for now, I’ll just post weekly adventures of Chester and Sophie. 

Chester and Sophie are best friends and they love to wander around the neighborhood looking for treasures.  What kinds of treasures do they find?  Well, all sorts of things!  Sometimes they find little toys that kids dropped by accident.  Sometimes they find pretty rocks.  Once in awhile they would even find nuts that some other squirrel buried!