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Clay Whistles

clay whistles by you.

I took a clay whistle making workshop over the weekend and made a couple of whistles.   There are only 2 parts to the whistle, a hollow ball with a hole and a hollow tube.  You have to attach the two just right in order to get a peep out of it.  After the tube and ball are attached, you can decorate it anyway you like.  I still need to clean up these two (the one on the left is going to be a turtle) but you can see that the body of the turtle is the hollow ball and it’s attached to the hollow tube you blow through.

Porcelain birds

porcelain birds by you.

These are some birds that I started making with porcelain over the weekend.  They’re still work in progress but I wanted to document them and see how they would look in a grouping.

I think they also kind of look like sweet potatoes … maybe I’ll give them more wing definition.

Summer of Porcelain

I’m taking a class at the studio and I’ve decided to work only with porcelain this summer.  So far I’ve made some porcelain soap dishes and threw some little vases.  Throwing porcelain on the wheel is like throwing white chocolate … it’s so smoooooth and it kind of melts in your hands, yum!

After the Show and Sale

Wow, the show and sale was a great success (for the studio and me)!!  I only had 5 pieces left so that meant I sold about 90% of my inventory.  I also got to meet 2 people (Hi Rose and Melynn!) who left comments on my blog at the show and sale and that was very cool because I’m always interested to see how people’s paths cross.

So what now after the show and sale?  I’ve already started on knitting a grocery bag and I plan on doing some sewing soon.  AND I’m finally going to get my act together and start posting things in my etsy store.  I know, I’ve said it before, but I’m serious this time!!  I’ll probably have more supplies and vintage pieces to sell than my own pieces but I plan to take a ceramics class in the summer so I should have more soap dishes and other stuff later in the summer.  Whew I’m relieved that the show and sale is over but now I’m excited about all the new things that I’ll get to make!

Pottery Show and Sale starts tomorrow!

Here’s my table at the Show and Sale.  I have less than 50 pieces this time and more than half of them are soap dishes.  The Show starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. 

Almost Show and Sale time

I try to come up with something new for every show and sale.  Here are some new soap dish designs.

I wanted to make divided dishes using the designs I have for my soap dishes and here’s what I came up with. 

This basic shape is made with a stainless steel divided dish I found at the thrift store and I added those circle designs – I’m trying to go for the retro mod look.  My next challenge will be to get these designs on round things like vases and cups! 

Class project – before firing

naked raku tile 1

naked radu tile 2

naked raku tile 3

These are 3 tiles that will be naked raku fired tonight.  This is what they look like before the firing.  The tiles were dipped in slip and glaze.  I used a pencil and a needle tool to etch the drawings on them.  I still need to work on them a little more but at least I did them (I’m really bad about participating in class projects)!  Our class will have a wall installation full of these tiles at the show and sale – the theme is Growth: a narrative.

If all goes well, I should have pictures of the finished tiles tomorrow!


I didn’t make it to the studio like I had planned yesterday so I still have 9 bowls that need to be glazed.  Looks like I’ll be going to the studio every night this week if I want to get these done!  I’m working on a new pattern that involves using latex resist and multiple glazes – I won’t be able to tell if that’ll work until they come out of the kiln – I’m too lazy to do test tiles … it’s all or nothin’!

Forest Gump

This is a plate that I made for the class banquet at the end of the semester (we make our own plates and use them for the banquet – here’s what we did last semester).  This is thrown on the wheel and altered.  The glaze is called Forest Gump!  I like this glaze a lot because it shows off texture very well. 

The studio show and sale is less than a month away and I’ve been going to the studio regularly on Saturdays to make stuff but I need to go in more often now that’s its crunch time.  I try to make something new for every show and sale besides my regular things and this time I’m making divided dishes.  I haven’t fired any of them yet but hopefully they’ll turn out OK – I’m crossing my fingers.

Minimalist Teapot?

I had an idea for a teapot on Sunday so I made a model out of a raisin bran cereal box so I wouldn’t forget the basic idea.  You can kind of see Mr. Sun with his 2 scoops of raisin through the handle although that part would be enclosed in the actual teapot.  I think this is about as minimalist as a teapot can go … no separate spout or handle attached to the body and the lid will be recessed on top so nothing sticks out.   This kind of looks like one of those Fiestaware pitchers.  Making this out of clay will be a little tricky but I think I know what to do.  I might give it a try this week.