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But of course!

Guitar picks by you.

So what happens when a crafter learns the guitar?  The crafter makes her own guitar picks out of a grocery store card of course!  These were pretty fun and easy to make but I’m trying not to go all nuts and make dozens.  Better to use some of that energy to practice the blues scale … cuz I gots me some crafty blues.

Something new I’m working on

collages by you.

I started making some collages but now I’m out of magazines to cut from.  These are really fun to make and I’m trying to create scenes that tell a story.  I need to find more magazines because I just can’t bring myself to cut into my Martha Stewart Living or ReadyMade magazines!

Sheldon the office mascot

Sheldon by you.

Sheldon the sock monkey came from a swap I did on Craftster.  He came all the way from Scotland and over the years has gotten a few accessories.  What, you’ve never seen a sock monkey on a hammock wearing a hat and reading Harry Pottery before?  He would like to remind folks to vote tomorrow!

Fun with blanket stitch

A friend invited me over to show her how to make a cozy for her iphone.  Look at what she made!  Isn’t it adorable!  That’s her dog Scooter checking it out.   She gave me some wool felt and I made a little pouch so I can keep my ID and earphones on my water bottle when I go to the gym. 

Minimalist Teapot?

I had an idea for a teapot on Sunday so I made a model out of a raisin bran cereal box so I wouldn’t forget the basic idea.  You can kind of see Mr. Sun with his 2 scoops of raisin through the handle although that part would be enclosed in the actual teapot.  I think this is about as minimalist as a teapot can go … no separate spout or handle attached to the body and the lid will be recessed on top so nothing sticks out.   This kind of looks like one of those Fiestaware pitchers.  Making this out of clay will be a little tricky but I think I know what to do.  I might give it a try this week. 

My Inspiration Board is in an e-zine!

Erin from design for mankind contacted me awhile ago asking if she could include the picture of my wall board in an e-zine she’s working on.  The e-zine is about inspiration boards and the artists behind them.  I just checked her blog and the e-zine is out!  I’m on page 8!  Everything looks so yummy in there (just like her blog) and I’m so honored to have been chosen.   🙂 

Crafty problem solving

Holy crap, was it cold this morning!  It was down in the teens overnight and windchill was down to 1 degree this morning as I was walking Molly.  I NEED to cover my face when it’s this windy and cold outside.  Ski masks will not do … they’re too bank robbery.  I need to come up with a good looking scarf-hat-face protection thing for the real cold days.  This pattern from Knitty is pretty fun but I might scare the kids waiting for their school bus in the morning.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a kitty ninja look. Oooh, I love a good crafty problem to solve.

Magnetic window insulation

I’ve been busy winterizing my home and one of the things that took the most time is making these magnetic window insulators for my windows.  I used to put up those plastic shrink wrap sheets that you can tape around the windows using double sided tape but ever since I got Elliot the cat, I had to stop using them because he rips them to shreds (why can’t he be cute like other cats and just bounce off the plastic when he tries to jump on the windowsill?).  So what’s a girl to do?  Well, I came up with a sturdier version of the store bought shrink wraps that Elliot can’t scratch and made them REUSABLE (for many winters to come) and the best part is that they can be taken down and put back up in seconds so if I burn my dinner, I can just peel these off, open the windows and air out the house, and put them right back up.

I plan on making a tutorial for these but you crafty ones probably have already figured out what I did.  Isn’t it great to be crafty?

Doodles of fun

Yay, I’m done with this embroidery doodle.  I finally figured out how to do french knots (after poking my fingers with the needle about a dozen times).  Chirp chirp!

WIP Wednesday – Embroidery doodling

Finally, something crafty for my so called craft blog.  I started doodling with embroidery and this is what I have so far.  I’ll keep on doodling to see what comes out of it. 

Heehee, you can see Molly’s fuzzy foot on the upper right corner of the picture.