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Feel that sugary burn!

Candied ginger by you.

Here’s my latest addiction — candied ginger!  I bought some from the store but found out that it’s really easy to make them at home.   You basically just cook sliced ginger in water and sugar on low heat for an hour and a half and dry the slices on a flat surface and toss them with sugar.  Besides the ginger slices, I also got this gingery sugar syrup.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with the syrup yet but I chopped up some of that candied ginger and put it in the chocolate chip pumpkin bread I made.  Sweet and Spicy, a very nice combination I must say.


Happy New Year!

Ginger Cookies by you.

It is FRIGID in Boston so it’s a perfect time to stay home and eat bake cookies.  Here are the last remaining whole wheat ginger snaps I made using this recipe (I halved the recipe, cut down the sugar, and added finely chopped crystallized ginger).  They are oh so good and who am I kidding, making the cookies smaller doesn’t mean I eat any less…but at least they’re whole wheat!

Cooking with what you’ve got

Dinner on the left and packed lunch on the right – they are yummier than they look.

So in my last post I mentioned that I buy what’s on sale at the grocery store and then I come up with meals with what I bought as one of the ways I save money.  I wanted to show you how simple it is and it’s easy to save a lot of money when you cook this way.  Granted, I only cook for myself so I don’t have to worry about other people’s tastes or food restrictions.  I’m also fine with eating the same thing for a few days because I don’t want to cook everyday.  My dishes don’t have names and they’re almost always one pot meals (again, to limit cooking and washing dishes during the weekdays).  When you buy things on sale, try to stock up what you always use so you can have them around all the time.  Onions, carrots, and potatoes keep well for weeks and of course canned beans and jarred sauces last for years.

I went to the supermarket and got some ground chicken, green beans. and broccoli (all on sale), now I shall attempt to make a meal out of them!

Cook some chopped onions in olive oil.  Brown ground chicken with onions.  Throw in some chopped green beans.  I had some Soy Vay left (but I could’ve easily used soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and minced garlic) so I added some of that, a couple spoonfuls of hoisin sauce, a little water, and a few big squirts of hot sauce (I like my food spicy).  Throw some broccoli on top of everything and cover with lid and cook until broccoli is tender.  Eat with brown rice.  Pack leftovers for lunch. 

That’s it!  Inexpensive, yummy, quick, AND healthy!  I like saucy dishes because I like to mix the sauce with my rice.  I think I probably got 6-7 meals out of this.  I could’ve easily made something similar with ground turkey/tofu/chickpeas for protein and any kind of vegetables that are on sale.  So, should I write my own cookbook, How to Afford to Eat When Inflation Outpaces your Annual Raise?  Any book publishers out there reading this post?  I have other recipes and ideas… 

Bits of yellow goodness


Chinese Almond Cookies, a.k.a. Heart Attack Lard Cookies.  These have hydrogenated oil AND/OR lard in them.  And I’m pretty sure the yellow color comes from an obscene number of egg yolks used to make these sweet cookies.  My mom gave me a container full of these crumbly treats for my trip back to Boston.  My dad LOVES these cookies and I can’t for the life of me make him understand how bad these are for him.   I found some yellow cookie crumbs on Molly’s back and I think they came from my dad petting her.  OK, so these are just yellow, there’s no goodness in them although they are quite tasty.   Mmmm, lard.


And someone just left me a comment saying that the vintage enamel bowl I got for a quarter sold for $140 on Ebay recently.  Holy sh#t!!!  I love finding great vintage deals!

Cooking at home

Last night’s jia jian mien (a Chinese noodle sauce traditionally made with pork and chili bean sauce but I made it with ground turkey, chili bean sauce, spaghetti sauce, and shredded carrots) … would’ve been today’s lunch if I hadn’t left it on the counter this morning!  Arrrgghhh!!!!!

I’ve been cooking more and bringing my lunch to work for the past 3 months or so.  I also started eating breakfast on a daily basis and as a result I lost 5 pounds (I wasn’t trying to lose weight on purpose).  I didn’t change my exercise routine (which consists of walking the dog and that’s about it) and I still eat until I’m full so the weight loss is really from NOT buying breakfast and lunch from the cafeteria and ordering Chinese and pizza once or twice a week for dinner.  So there Hollywood, this is the secret to losing weight … cook your own damn meals!

Anyway, this noodle dish is one of my favorite dishes to make and the sauce freezes well.  Damn it, I really wish I hadn’t left my lunch at home…

A super simple breakfast

I’ve been more mindful about eating breakfast and bringing my lunch to work for the past month and I did really well.  The benefits of course are saving money, saving time, eating healthier, and not using disposable containers and utensils from the cafeteria.  Shoot, I even lost a few pounds just by eating my homemade meals!  Hmmm, could it be because I stopped eating all those sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches from the cafeteria?

Besides baking a whole bunch of breakfast muffins, I also eat what’s pictured above.  It’s just a mixture of fast-cooking oatmeal and raisin bran and some other cereal that had dried blueberries.  The ratio is about half oatmeal and half cereal but you can do whatever you like.  I threw the ingredients in a plastic container with a splash of cinnamon and shook it until it’s mixed.  I don’t need to put any sugar in that because the raisins do a good job of sweetening up the oatmeal and the cereal adds a nutty flavor.  All I have to do is put some of that oatmeal mixture in a mug and add some hot water.  After a few minutes I thin it down with soymilk and I can practically drink it out of my mug.  It is very filling and much better than those pre-packaged oatmeals that are chuck full of sugar and god knows what else.  It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  I think walnuts and flax seeds would make good additions … ooh and chocolate chips!

My Thanksgiving Dinner

I went to my friends’ house for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is what we had … a homemade Korean and Vietnamese extravaganza and I didn’t have to make anything.  All I can say is YUM!!!  Thanks S and G and T for making all these delicious dishes!