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Molly’s new haircut!

I have one hairy dog!


Cats and Paint … Don’t Mix

This is what happens when a cat discovers a tray of paint left unattended.  I went downstairs to grab something and when I came back up to my room, Elliot the cat busted out of the door and went flying down the stairs … leaving a trail of evidence!

Here’s a close up.

Guess who got their little paw washed in the kitchen sink?


That’s how old I’m turning today!  Yup, I’m a hardcore Capricorn.

We had our first snow storm of 2008 yesterday and as a present to myself, I stayed in.  The snow was coming down pretty hard.  Just look at Molly’s face!  That silly dog LOVES the snow.  It always makes me laugh when I see her hop around in the snow like a bunny.

So I used my day off to sand the drywalls … something that I’ve been dreading but it HAD TO BE DONE.

This could be a picture of my bedroom floor.  There was soooo much dust but the most satisfying part of the whole job was sucking up the dust with my dryvac.  There are only a few places that need to be smoothed out a little bit more with mud and then the walls are ready for paint!! 

Has it been a year already?

What the heck is this picture of?


Muahaha, just thought a couple of pictures of Molly dog in the last snow storm would draw you in…

I just realized that I started this blog last year on January 2.  I’ve never been a diary keeper so this blog has been a great way for me to keep track of some things in my life.  It also helped me see how I’ve changed in the past year.  For example, I’ve moved from being cluttered to wanting to have less things.  I’m still a long ways from being clutter free but I’m heading in the right direction. 

So what’s in store for the new year (besides the fact that I’m actually going to try to sell things in my etsy store)?  Well, I’m going to see how far I can take my creativity.  I’m going to crank it up to the max and see where it takes me.  One of my life philosophies that I believe in is that you have to be willing to act on something if you want changes.  If you sit around and do nothing then most likely nothing’s going to change.  Once you’ve initiated some action, I think it’s also important to let go of your control just a little to  see where things might take you.  So it’s like deciding to get in a canoe (taking action) and paddling down the river but also letting the water naturally take you along your journey sometimes.  Who knows, you might just end up seeing some beautiful things that you might not have seen if you kept on paddling away (or have not gotten into the canoe at all). 

Magnetic window insulation

I’ve been busy winterizing my home and one of the things that took the most time is making these magnetic window insulators for my windows.  I used to put up those plastic shrink wrap sheets that you can tape around the windows using double sided tape but ever since I got Elliot the cat, I had to stop using them because he rips them to shreds (why can’t he be cute like other cats and just bounce off the plastic when he tries to jump on the windowsill?).  So what’s a girl to do?  Well, I came up with a sturdier version of the store bought shrink wraps that Elliot can’t scratch and made them REUSABLE (for many winters to come) and the best part is that they can be taken down and put back up in seconds so if I burn my dinner, I can just peel these off, open the windows and air out the house, and put them right back up.

I plan on making a tutorial for these but you crafty ones probably have already figured out what I did.  Isn’t it great to be crafty?

Sunday morning

at 8:47


Woohoo, I finished my socks late last night!  I had just enough yarn to finish the right sock (my socks are right/left specific like shoes). 

Just look at that sad puppy face…what’s Molly thinking?