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Hedgerow Socks

Hedgerow Socks by you.

Woohoo, I finally finished these socks last night using this pattern!!


9-5 socks

9-5 socks by you.

Hooray, I finally finished these 9-5 socks (and portions of these were knit during the hours of 9-5, shhh)!  They took longer than the regular ribbed socks but they sure are purty.

Jaywalker socks … and I’m still alive!!

jaywalker socks by you.

Oopsie, I guess I took a longer than normal break but now I’m back!  I FINALLY finished these jaywalker socks and I actually ran out of yarn for the right sock!  Oooh, I was so close to being done!  You can probably see where I switched to a new yarn at the toe part.  These were knit with Lions Brand Magic Stripes yarn in jellybean and the right toe was finished with SuperSocke 100.  I hear they don’t make Magic Stripes anymore.  That’s too bad because the Magic Stripes yarn is pretty darn tough.

Market Bag #2

I finished another 100% bamboo yarn market bag and this time I used a contrasting yarn for the handles.  For the next bag I’m going to look for a pattern that has a tighter weave.

Back to some crafty goodness

Now that the show and sale is over, I finally have some time to work on some crafty projects.  Like a lot of people, I’m doing my bit by bringing my own bags to stores.  This is a bag I made with 100% bamboo yarn.  I bought 6 skeins of bamboo yarn a couple of years ago when I first heard about it but I only used one skein for a scarf and the rest got put away in my yarn basket.  When I saw this pattern from Knitty, I knew I had found a great use for my bamboo yarns (OK, my immediate thought was “ooooh, I’ve never worked with hemp yarn before … look at all those pretty colors, I want some!”).  I sort of followed the pattern except I used applied icords as the handles and I switched the garter stitch base to the inside of the bag because I don’t like the look of garter stitches.  I’m already working on my second bag and I think I’ll just keep on knitting bags with my yarn stash and maybe when I’ve made a dent in my stash, I’ll get me some of those cool hemp yarn to play with.

Wednesday WIP – Jaywalker Socks Take 2

I figured out why my first attempt at the Jaywalker socks failed miserably … I used the wrong size needles!  I thought my size zero needles were my size ones for some reason so no wonder I couldn’t get my foot through the sock.  I frogged the sock and started over with the right needles last night and it looks like it’s going to fit just fine.

Speaking of knitting, I think I squealed when I saw Emerson Cod (played by Chi McBride) knit on Pushing Daisies.  He made a couple of gun cozies (very crafty), a vest, and he keeps his stacks of cash in knitted socks (I think they were socks at least).  How cool is that?

Jaywalker socks gone wrong

I started knitting the jaywalker socks this weekend and when I had about 4 inches of the cuff/leg done, I thought I’d try it on to see how it fits.  It DOESN’T!!!  So now I have to rip the whole thing out and start over.  Boo.  I might try casting on 84 stitches instead of 76 stitches and use #2 needles instead of #1 like I did.  I swear my feet are not that big…