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Found fabric!

I found this pretty fabric on the curb on trash day.  One of my neighbors had thrown it out but I couldn’t let it go into the landfill.  This used to be a window shade and the material is like a light canvas which is perfect for bags.  I think there’s enough fabric for me to make a couple of grocery bags.  Yay, free pretty fabric! 

WIP – baby quilt for Ella


I took today off and I’ve been cutting and sewing all morning.  This is the first of many baby quilts to come.  I am hoping, HOPING that I’ll finish this quilt by the end of the weekend.  So far all the horizontal strips are done.  You can see that I’m not a big fan of ironing but I’ll have to do some major ironing before joing the strips together.  This quilt is actually going pretty fast because I’m not doing precise cutting or piecing so there are no corners to match up (yay!).

40% off fabric sale!


A local fabric store was having a 40% off all fabrics sale yesterday and here’s what I got on my lunchtime shopping spree.  They didn’t have some of the Amy Butler fabrics I wanted but I still got some really cool prints.  Yay for 40% off!

100th Post Giveaway!


OK, I’m ready to make something to give away!  When you leave a comment, please indicate whether you would like a doll quilt or a zippered pouch.  You can also request something else made with the above pieces (coasters, bag, etc.) and I’ll try to make them but no promises.

I’ll randomly pick one of the comments left by midnight tomorrow (5/25, EST) and will reveal the winner and prize on Tuesday.  Who are you people who’s been reading my dinky little blog?  It’s time to delurk!  Don’t be shy!

Wednesday WIP – a very pink quilt


A very pink quilt at the request of a friend.  I started this last night…cutting the pieces on my (new to me) 6ft long folding table that I got from Craigslist.  It’s sooooo nice to have a large cutting table and the best part is that I can fold it up and lean it against the wall when I need more floor space.  All the fabric came from the 5 bags of scraps another friend found on the street.  I sewed this on the Singer 401 and it was great because I cleaned it out even more last night and now the machine is incredibly smooth.  Older sewing machines rock!

Vintage printed fabric – bunnies, puppies, storks, oh my!


A darling printed fabric with an interesting bunch of animals.  I think the bird on the fabric is a stork…you don’t see that too often.

I haven’t been crafting lately because I think that I should be doing my taxes.  Hopefully after this weekend, I’ll have more projects to show. 



I’ve got lots of ironing to do.  ALL of the vintage scraps are bunched up like these. 

Weekend project: DIY dressform like this

Vintage printed fabric – Pretty in Pink


Vintage printed fabric – Country Farms


Here’s one of the notable pieces from the vintage fabric pile.  The colors are great and I love all the details of the houses/barns, farm equipment, plants, people, and animals. 

Holy scraps!


I think I know what winning the lottery must feel like now.  Someone had put these 5 bags of scrap fabric on the curb and my friend happened to see them.  She called me and asked me if I wanted them for my craft projects (sure, I love found things from the curbside).  I had no idea that there are so many pieces and that they are…are you sitting down for this…VINTAGE FABRICS!!!  I just picked them up over the weekend and I nearly had a heart attack after I realized what they are.  Whoever these belonged to saved every little piece of scrap.  There are some amazing prints and a few handmade children’s clothes in there.  I have no idea how to sort these out but I know I won’t be shopping for vintage fabrics on Ebay for a long long time!