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The beginning of the Green Tea Soap

I’ve been very slow at making soaps and I hope to do a couple of batches a week starting tonight!  I made a strong green tea solution for my green tea soap last night.  The ground green tea leaves will be added to the Green Tea Scrubby soaps.   So here’s what I have so far:

1. Lavender Sunrise soaps

2. Honey and Oatmeal soaps (they smell like cookies)

3. Green Tea soaps (will make tonight)

and here are the others that I plan to make until I run out of oils:

4. Yellow Flower Power

5. Citrus Clary Sage

6. Herb Garden

Soap logs

I took the soaps out of the molds last night.  I’m going to let these hang out for a day or two before I cut them.  The one on the right is the scrubby version with ground lavender and blue cornmeal and the specks you see are the ground lavender flowers.  These smell so good!

Saponification in a pot

Woohoo, I finally made some soap this weekend!  I’ve been going to the studio for the past 3 weekends to make soap dishes but I have been really dragging my feet on the soapmaking.  This is a shot of cold process soap at trace, right before it gets poured into the molds.  This batch is called “Lavender Sunrise” with essential oils of lavender, lime, and tea tree.  It’s one of my most popular soaps.  The little dish near the top left of the kettle is a mixture of ground lavender and blue cornmeal I put in for the scrubby version of the soap. 

Show and Sale Countdown – 2 days to go

Here are some pieces I will be selling at the pottery show and sale this week.

soap dish in action (square soap dishes to go with my square soaps)

different soap dish designs (these are all handmade)

I really like these guys.  I think they’re good for sea salt or cinnamon sugar.  These are thrown on the wheel, altered, and then handbuilt.

And here’s a table full of pieces I have to price tonight.  I also have to set up my display shelf tonight.  I’ll post more pictures of that tomorrow.

Ceramics Show and Sale Countdown – 1 week to go

I’m doing the Show and Sale at the studio next week.  I’ve done about a dozen of them over the years.  I started making soap dishes to go along with my soaps a few years ago and they sell like hot cakes (yay!!).  The soap dishes are being fired today but here are my soaps waiting to be wrapped and labeled.  These are cold processed soaps made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.