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Old School 10-Speed

Can you believe someone threw this bike away?  I picked it out of the trash and took it to a bike shop for a tune up and now it’s all ready to go!  The bike is a bit high for me and I’ve never ridden a bike with gears but I’ve been having fun riding it around the park.

Sears Bike 1 by you.

I just LOVE these blue handles. 

Sears bike handles by you.

And it’s made by:

Sears bike headbadge by you.

Now I’m slightly obsessed with vintage bicycles.  I heart old school styles.

Bits of yellow goodness


Chinese Almond Cookies, a.k.a. Heart Attack Lard Cookies.  These have hydrogenated oil AND/OR lard in them.  And I’m pretty sure the yellow color comes from an obscene number of egg yolks used to make these sweet cookies.  My mom gave me a container full of these crumbly treats for my trip back to Boston.  My dad LOVES these cookies and I can’t for the life of me make him understand how bad these are for him.   I found some yellow cookie crumbs on Molly’s back and I think they came from my dad petting her.  OK, so these are just yellow, there’s no goodness in them although they are quite tasty.   Mmmm, lard.


And someone just left me a comment saying that the vintage enamel bowl I got for a quarter sold for $140 on Ebay recently.  Holy sh#t!!!  I love finding great vintage deals!