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Old School 10-Speed

Can you believe someone threw this bike away?  I picked it out of the trash and took it to a bike shop for a tune up and now it’s all ready to go!  The bike is a bit high for me and I’ve never ridden a bike with gears but I’ve been having fun riding it around the park.

Sears Bike 1 by you.

I just LOVE these blue handles. 

Sears bike handles by you.

And it’s made by:

Sears bike headbadge by you.

Now I’m slightly obsessed with vintage bicycles.  I heart old school styles.

Thrift store find!

I stopped by the Goodwill in Davis Square yesterday after my dentist appointment and I found 2 of these glass containers!  I have a good collection of vintage pyrex containers (these actually don’t have any markings on the bottom so I don’t think they’re pyrex) and everytime I see them, I think about all the yummy foods I can put in them.

Pitcher and bowl

I picked up this vintage pyrex bowl and tupperware pitcher from the thrift store when I was looking for heavy winter curtains.  The pitcher has a lid that seals so my iced tea will stay fresh.  I heart vintage.

So since I brought 2 new (to me) pieces into my home, I will gather up some of the stuff I’ve been collecting to donate and actually donate them this weekend.  I haven’t been decluttering as much as I would like to but I’ll start up again.  Here’s a good link to some decluttering tips.

Another thing for a dollar

I picked up this little (vintage?) organizer for a buck at last weekend’s yard sale too.  I love all the little drawers that you can pull out.  This would be perfect for all the little sewing things like bobbins and embroidery needles that need a home.

What you can get for a dollar

Ooooh, look at what I got for a buck at a yard sale this weekend!  This blanket is soooo warm and the colors are great … just in time for the cool nights we’ve been getting.

Let’s dish


Some dishes I picked up from the Goodwill in Davis Square.  I didn’t see any tea cups that went with the saucers.  I love the design on them!




Vintage Singer 401a, a.k.a. the Slant-O-Matic.  I won this from Ebay and picked it up last night.  I got a good deal on it but it needs a bit of work.  I started cleaning and oiling the machine and realized later that I wasn’t supposed to oil the gears…I was supposed to use a lubricant on them instead.  D’oh! 


I also spent quite a bit of time looking for the ON switch (which was not mentioned in the manual by the way) and finally realized that all I have to do is press on the foot pedal (duh).  I’ve got lots to learn about this older machine but it is so cool to be able to see the innards and all the gears and parts (all metal).  This machine is so much quieter than my Brother and feels totally solid.  OK, no more buying sewing machines for awhile.

Rummage sale loot

My friends and I went to a church rummage sale in Wellesley this past Saturday.  Admission $1.


 Enamel bowl made in Finland.  This is the first thing I grabbed at the sale.  Do you see the little hearts?  Only 25 cents.


 Vintage flat sheet.  50 cents.


 Vintage Thermos.  I can totally see that design in a quilt!  50 cents.

Cats mug (lions, leopards, and kitties, oh my!)  50 cents.

Rhino and black bird snack container.  I can see some little kid eating animal crackers out of this.  25 cents.

I got some other stuff and the total came down to less than $15.  Had a good Thai meal, got some sun and fresh air, hung out with friends…priceless!

I like GREEN


A recent find from the Davis Square Goodwill.  A lovely avocado green afghan for a buck.  It looks better in person.  The greens are nicely balanced with cream and white.  I have it at work to keep me warm.

I’ve liked green since I was a little kid.  My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I think I picked it when I was little because it’s green.

Speaking of green, I’m looking at vintage Singer sewing machines.  My current sewing machine (a Brother from Walmart) doesn’t sew quite straight…it’s embarrassing to have crooked lines.  I’ve been reading about the older Singers and I really like the fact that they are all metal so nothing can really break.  I was thinking of getting a 201 or maybe a 221 featherweight  (but those are expensive!!) until I saw some GREEN ones.  Now I’m just looking at green machines and not even caring about what model they are.  How’s that for smart shopping? How fun would it be to sew on a mint green sewing machine? 

Singer 280-30


SHAZAM!  My newest power tool in my arsenal!


Found this baby on Craigslist.  I don’t even remember what I was looking for…certainly not a big ass industrial quilting machine.  Check out the long arm extension…I can fit under it!