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Fried turkey from a Chinese restaurant?

Thanksgiving dinner by you.

Did you know you can get a fried turkey from some Chinese restaurants?  Yup, that’s what we had for Thanksgiving.  The dark thing right above the turkey slight to the left is actually a lily pad wrapped duck filled with a sticky rice stuffing.  Now that was yummy!

And what’s Thanksgiving without a little Thanksgiving traffic?  This is a shot of the Tappan Zee Bridge. 

Thanksgiving traffic by you.


Porcelain birds

porcelain birds by you.

These are some birds that I started making with porcelain over the weekend.  They’re still work in progress but I wanted to document them and see how they would look in a grouping.

I think they also kind of look like sweet potatoes … maybe I’ll give them more wing definition.

Dishes in the sink

dishes by you.

Beet juice dish water … what a pretty color!

Something new I’m working on

collages by you.

I started making some collages but now I’m out of magazines to cut from.  These are really fun to make and I’m trying to create scenes that tell a story.  I need to find more magazines because I just can’t bring myself to cut into my Martha Stewart Living or ReadyMade magazines!

Sheldon the office mascot

Sheldon by you.

Sheldon the sock monkey came from a swap I did on Craftster.  He came all the way from Scotland and over the years has gotten a few accessories.  What, you’ve never seen a sock monkey on a hammock wearing a hat and reading Harry Pottery before?  He would like to remind folks to vote tomorrow!

9-5 socks

9-5 socks by you.

Hooray, I finally finished these 9-5 socks (and portions of these were knit during the hours of 9-5, shhh)!  They took longer than the regular ribbed socks but they sure are purty.

My pear-shaped cat

Elliot looking out by you.

Elliot looking back by you.